DGOJ signs new cooperation agreement with tax agency

Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the Spanish regulator and tax agency La Agencia Tributaria (AEAT) have now renewed their partnership and also signed a new cooperation agreement.

With the new agreement, the DGOJ will now have access to updated data on operators’ tax compliance, along with the payments they make to the AEAT and also the payments and withholdings related to State Lottery prizes.

Meanwhile, AEAT will be receiving DGOJ data which is related to gaming accounts, being used to fight tax fraud. The DGOJ has said the data will allow the directorate to better manage the game environment.

The agreement comes after the initial partnership signed between the two in 2014 to “establish a general framework of collaboration.”

Under the 2014 agreement, the AEAT would provide quarterly information to DGOJ on operators’ self-assessment towards the country’s gaming tax. The AEAT also provides daily information on the tax obligations for the licensing, authorisations and registration of the game.

DGOJ, meanwhile, provided identification, date of registration, initial and final balance, total deposits, total withdrawals, participations in games, prizes received and recognized promotional bonuses of all players by operator.

DGOJ has also provided total amounts played by the participants in each of the types of game by operator and total gross gaming revenue (GGR) by operator.

In June, DGOJ published its new three-year strategy, setting out their plans to make sure the industry operates in a socially responsible manner.

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