Denmark reopens casinos from May 21

The Danish Gaming Authority’s (Spillemyndigheden) announced the reopening of land-based casinos and gaming arcades across the country from May 21, following a political agreement and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

A political agreement

Six months after the temporary closure of land-based gambling venues in Denmark, the country reopens slowly.

On May 18, the Spillemyndigheden announced on its website that “according to a political agreement from May 18, gambling arcades and casinos will be able to reopen from 21 May”.

A political agreement of which the full details will be published on the Danish Gaming Authority’s website “as soon as possible”.

This new date replaces the initially reopening date set for April 5, 2021. Later delayed waiting for the number of coronavirus cases to decline and the Danish government to roll out its vaccination programme.

Another step towards normality

In general, Denmark’s corona numbers have recently increased in the wake of the easing but are still at a relatively low and relatively stable level. Restaurants, bars, gyms, and many other facilities have already been opened in previous easing phases.

Along with gaming venues, almost all facilities within the country that have previously been closed will reopen this Friday – except for nightclubs.

This decision intervenes a few days after land-based casinos and bingo halls across England, Scotland and Wales reopened.

Speaking of UK operators, now that the gaming activity has resumed in both country and that Brexit happened, the new guidance relating to UK operators in Denmark published by the Danish Gaming Authority will have to be implemented.

As a reminder, any operators who are based outside of the European Union will need to appoint a representative to continue offering online gambling products to the Danish market.

Operators and affiliates must understand any new rules implemented by EU countries, post-Brexit, to protect their business.

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