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Danish gaming regulator blocks 82 websites

The Danish gaming regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has been approved to continue in its action against 82 gambling websites said to be offering illegal gambling services to Danish players.

The ruling came from a Danish court in Frederiksberg and marks the eighth time Spillemyndigheden has fought in court to have illegal websites blocked.

Spillemyndigheden makes use of automated searches and manual investigative procedures to identify illegal gambling operators, before issuing orders for them to cease operations. If the offending party fails to comply, the regulator will then ask the court to order a Danish ISP to block the site.

This recent blocking of 82 sites marks the highest-ever number of sites that the regulator has targeted in a single move. Since 2012, a total of 227 illegal sites have been blocked.

“Spillmyndigheden was established to ensure the framework for a fair gambling market. One of our most important tasks in that context is to protect players against illegal gambling and to ensure that they are not exposed to gambling providers that do not have a licence in Denmark,” said Spillemyndigheden Director Anders Dorph.

Earlier this month, Spillmyndigheden hailed its national gambling helpline, Stopspillet, a success, confirming that it was effectively reaching its intended demographics. The regulator went on to reveal some interesting statistics.

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