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Danish Gambling Authority changes requirements for IT equipment for online licensees

The Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, has changed some of its regulations regarding online licensees. These changes are specifically targeting the use of IT equipment by these online licensees.

Game services previously had to use IT equipment that had originated in Denmark. It also would have had to have been fully inspected by the Danish Gambling Authority before use. However, there have been several changes to EU regulations recently that have allowed for these changes to be made.

The new regulation came into effect on the 30th of May. Two executive orders regarding gaming have had to be removed from law as they would have contradicted the new regulations. These further changes also came into effect on the 30th of May.

What do the changes mean?

The changes have meant that gaming systems for Danish license holders can be located in any country. However, the system would need to first be inspected by the Danish Gambling Authority before it can begin to offer betting and games to Danes.

The exception to this comes if a license holder already has an agreement and license in place with another country. If the gambling authority of that country has an agreement with Spillemyndigheden, the licensee might be able to skip the inspection of their gaming systems.

These changes might also prompt many brands to begin to look towards Denmark if they do not already operate there. Affiliates should prepare themselves for their brands to begin to look into launching here.

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