How cryptocurrency can enrich the affiliate market

The affiliate market is continually evolving to keep up with the gaming industry’s latest trends and innovations, however the exponential rise of cryptocurrency presents an incredibly complex challenge for the industry.

BitStarz casino is a casino that offers both players and affiliates the chance to trade in cryptocurrency. The innovative casino’s affiliate marketing manager, Luke Engerer detailed to Affiverse the benefits of being able to reward partners in cryptocurrency, as well as giving advice on how affiliates can attract bitcoin based players.  

Affiverse: How attractive is it to affiliates to potentially be paid out in Bitcoin?

Luke Engerer: There are many benefits for affiliates to be paid in Bitcoin, it’s faster; a 10 minute process, you eliminate a third party and if you take into consideration the substantial growth in value throughout 2017 with great prospects for the future, Bitcoin is a great long term hold. For those affiliates who had the foresight and were already promoting cryptocurrency gambling, 2017 was a great year.

Bitcoin mania has spread like wildfire and more affiliates are accepting Bitcoin payments. When it comes to BitStarz, we don’t only pay in Bitcoin, being as we accept cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies affiliates only get paid in bitcoins for their bitcoin revenue while any other currency would generally be paid in Euros. We give affiliates that might not like the idea of holding or cashing out BTC the option to receive their bitcoin earnings in Euros by converting from our end.

AI: In your opinion, what type of content drives traffic for Bitcoin affiliates?

LE: You would be surprised at how many players already use Bitcoin, it’s not only the crypto fanatics, bitcoin is more accessible these days and more widely used. Content can range from general crypto news, ICO reviews, cryptocurrency pricing charts and analyses.

Informative content is great for new cryptocurrency users highlighting the benefits of gambling with cryptocurrencies. What you need to keep in mind is that crypto players are everywhere just like every other player using a different currency, so there is no need to specifically target crypto player, general casino reviews and traditional channels will also bring in those Bitcoin players.

AI: How different is the market for affiliates looking to attract Bitcoin players?

LE: In many ways its very similar to what affiliate market for FIAT gambling industry was several years ago. There is big potential for future growth and lower entry barrier due to less competition at the moment. The market is much less saturated and there is a new bitcoin casino operator popping up every week. In my opinion now is a great time to start working on your cryptocurrency traffic.

AI: What advice would you give to affiliates who are looking to drive traffic from Bitcoin players?

LE: It is important that you do your research first and really understand the benefits of gambling with cryptocurrencies. Now is the time to get in there as it is still early days and you could potentially be opening up to a whole new market. Build as much content related to cryptocurrency in English and your native language and try to rank as high as possible in google. Most importantly hold onto your hard earned Bitcoins. As we say at BitStarz, HODL. 

At Bitstarz we currently support wagering in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

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