Crypto affiliate conference returns for second year

After the success of the maiden edition, the Crypto Affiliate & Marketing Conference will return for a second year.

Run by Faunus, the event is to gather ad networks, crypto trading brokers, gambling operators, ICO founders, exchanges, cryptocurrency developers and affiliates in Prague once more.

The conference will give the recently created community of marketers and digital currency enthusiasts another chance to network while showing what they have managed to achieve since last time around.

Faunus is an affiliate network based in the Czech Republic. For the last five years its main focus has been the creation and promotion of finance offers. With the new era of crypto offers, Faunus has positioned itself as one of the leading affiliate networks on the market.

Pavel Bykov, Founder of Fanus, said: “The last year’s conference has proven that we are advancing in the right direction. What it managed to achieve is basically to create an entirely new industry.

“Merely a couple of months back everyone was just clueless. And look how fast it is developing now: thousands of crypto offers, ICOs, crypto networks – we actually take pride in starting all that.

“Affiliate marketing has moved on, the crypto industry is becoming a part of our everyday lives, and I think it’s incredible! With CRAC 2018 we’re aiming to achieve even more. It’s gonna be bigger, it’s gonna be better in every way possible, and we welcome everyone to Prague this spring.”

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