Crown facing $100m fine in probe from VGCCC

Casino firm Crown could be looking at a $100 million AUS fine from The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, or VGCCC, due to an initial investigation from the state concerning its casino in Melbourne.

The investigation has uncovered findings that suggest that Crown allegedly violated elements of the Responsible Services of Gambling regulations, turning their attention away from anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism funding regulations for the sake of more profits.

On July 4th, the VGCCC stated that it brought additional disciplinary proceedings against Crown and asked that Crown provide information on its Responsible Services of Gambling obligations, as Crown has been alleged to not have been “adequately supervising or interacting with hundreds or possibly thousands of customers who exhibited signs of problem or risky gambling” through the deployment of its Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.

“Crown’s responsible gambling obligations are a condition of the casino license, designed to protect vulnerable patrons and to prevent gambling-related harm to patrons, their families, and the community,” said Fran Thorn, chair of the VGCCC. “There is no more important obligation.”

“We heard many distressing stories at the Royal Commission of vulnerable patrons being encouraged to gamble beyond their means. The VGCCC will therefore be unflinching in its resolve to deal with the issues uncovered at the Royal Commission regarding Crown’s approach to responsible gambling, and to ensure the casino operator acts in line with its legal obligations and the community’s expectations.”

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