Copa América

Copa América and UEFA promotions announced

Aspire Global’s BtoBet has launched several promotions to cover the Copa América tournament and the UEFA Euro 2020.


The launch of the different promotions is in aid of BtoBet strengthening its marketing abilities in an international field. The iGaming and sportsbook provider is operated by Aspire Global and is aiming to grow its international market in 2021 and beyond. BtoBet currently offers solutions surrounding online gaming and sports betting.

Aspire Global has continuously used BtoBet in its expansion strategy to become an international provider. It is now present in four continents across the world and this is expected to continue growing over time. Aspire Global noted that BtoBet brought in approximately €2.2m (£1.8m) worth of revenue towards the end of 2020.

The promotions

After the UEFA Euro was postponed in 2020, it is expected to take place over June and July 2021. As well as this, the Copa América will be taking place this year in both Argentina and Colombia. Both events serve as an opportunity for sports betting providers to engage with the current market and extend it further.

The promotions are seeking to do exactly that. BtoBet has introduced various promotions covering both the Copa América and the UEFA Euro 2020. The promotion works via a correct score prediction game along with multiple other features. As part of the marketing strategy, BtoBet is also bringing in additional elements into the promotions (such as leaderboards and jackpots) to invite and engage existing and new clients.

For affiliates

BtoBet’s promotions serve as a fantastic affiliate marketing opportunity as the promotions are currently being marketed to operators to widen their audience and engagement. It is deemed to be a successful year for providers, so it’s worth keeping in touch with their audience engagement levels.

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