Content marketing trends to watch this year

As we move closer to the halfway mark of 2021, there are still trends popping up in the affiliate marketing industry. Experts recommended that content marketing would be a priority for marketers this year and it is clear that this is coming to fruition. To help you solidify your content marketing strategy for the second half of the year, we plan on discussing some of the top trends below.

Going live for webinars

Events still aren’t back to normal and so it is clear that online events are here to stay. If you aren’t hosting your event or webinar virtually, you could be missing out on reaching your target audience. Webinar content has been even more important in 2021 with experts around the world offering their advice to those who need it most – virtually. If this isn’t something you are already doing, it might be time to change that.

Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone has been offering FREE webinars for affiliate managers. If you missed the last one – you can catch it here.

Improved content experience

If the content isn’t easy to read then the users aren’t going to stick around for very long. Tons of content creators make the mistake of distracting their readers with ads that pop up, making the content itself almost impossible to read. The experience the reader has when they are engaging with the content is extremely important and so you might want to rethink how you present it.

Look into adding some varied content, sprinkle some CTAs in there and offer links to podcast episodes that are related to the content. With an improved experience, users are more likely to stick around.

Focus on SEO

It won’t surprise you that a focus on SEO is a trend in content marketing but it is something that you must consider carefully. If you aren’t constantly checking your content and fully optimising it, you could be losing out on valuable traffic. Having a few keywords in there isn’t going to do the job anymore – you need to make sure that you are staying up to date with the latest Google updates and constantly learning SEO techniques.

We recommend starting with improving your site experience and loading speed. Then, create engaging content that is SEO-driven yet interesting to users. Don’t fall into the trap of working on your SEO and then ignoring it for months. Make 2021 the year you really boost your ranking by creating an effective content marketing strategy.

Don’t wait around…

As an affiliate marketer, you need to make sure that you are staying on top of any content marketing trends. Your content should be varied, interesting and optimised to deliver the results you are hoping for. Think about incorporating some webinars or live video content into your strategy and don’t forget to improve the experience in any way that you can.

Learn from other content marketers and you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Content is still king so don’t forget that!

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