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Compliance for affiliates – what to expect in 2021

Compliance will always be an important issue that affiliates need to be aware of, no matter the area or markets they are working in. The COVID-19 pandemic helped to highlight some of the parts of the current UK laws that were not fit for purpose. As a result, there might be further changes coming to this area that affiliates will need to be aware of. Compliance for affiliates is an important issue, and it is something that we must always keep on top of.

Changes in 2020

There were some significant changes made to UK compliance in 2020 that affiliates should have already accounted for. One of the most significant by far were some of the emergency protections given out at the start of the pandemic. These required brands to prevent reverse withdrawals and conduct more affordability checks.

We also saw the introduction of restrictions surrounding the issue of player age and identity checks, making it harder for underaged and problem gamblers to access free games and bonuses.

With a ban on credit card usage for gambling sites and mandatory membership of GAMSTOP, there has been a clear move to ensure that problem gamblers will not be able to access games so easily, and that support is there to help them when they need to.

What to expect in 2021

One of the first major changes affiliates need to be aware of is an overhaul of the 2005 Gambling Act. Much of the legislation here was written for a world that did not use the internet to the extent that it does now. There are many outdated terms here that need to be addressed to create a set of legislations that best fits the needs of our modern world.

Most importantly, however, affiliates need to be aware of some of the new advertising restrictions that are likely to come in. Compliance for affiliates can often be called into question when it comes to advertising standards, so it is important that any campaigns follow the latest regulations perfectly.

There is a concern that certain images might normalise gambling for children, particularly in regards to areas like football sponsorships. As a result, affiliates need to be aware that certain images that they have used before might now be unsuitable. Now is the perfect time to brainstorm some creative campaign ideas that will still be 100% compliant with any new restrictions.

Up your compliance today

When it comes to compliance for affiliates, there are no excuses. The legislation in the UK is long overdue an assessment and with this will come some major changes to how affiliates need to operate. Educate yourself on some of the discussions that are happening, and ensure that you are making the changes needed to keep your program compliant.

Though some of these restrictions can seem difficult to navigate initially, there are still many paths an affiliate can take to create an innovate and interesting marketing campaign. Start making changes to your program now in line with announcements that have been made thus far to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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