ComeOn has launched its innovative WeSpin streamer platform

Leading gaming operator ComeOn Group has officially launched its new innovative streamer platform. This new product will be known as WeSpin and it has been fully developed in-house by the team behind ComeOn’s iGaming platform.

An innovative product

According to the WeSpin team, this new product will offer a more social and eventful online casino experience to players. A whole new ecosystem has been developed, connecting passionate streamers with online gamblers.

CCO at ComeOn Group, Berkay Reyhan said: “The great thing about WeSpin is it is bringing the passive audience of the streamers into the heart of the fun by making them buy-in into the streamers pot. Why watch someone else’s activity behind a screen while you could actually be a part of it? This is what WeSpin solves.”

They added: “We also believe that WeSpin will be taking ComeOn to a leading position within our industry’s new streamer acquisition channel, by the benefits that it offers to all the streamers out there, which goes beyond the standard practices of traditional affiliate marketing.”

Game providers can sponsor events

One of the key features of WeSpin is the boost tool which is aimed at game providers who want to cash in. They can sponsor the events for exclusivity which will help them to promote any new releases.

Any sponsored money is added to the events with streamers having the ability to invite their audience to participate. According to WeSpin, this will help to increase affiliate conversion rates and improve viewer rates for the streamers.

Game providers like Microgaming and NetBet are already making use of the boost tool so this is certainly something to watch. Huge streamers like Konnabonus and Kongebonus are also onboard to join in on the fun. Affiliates should take note of the excellent opportunities presented with WeSpin.

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