Clubhouse monetisation – what does this mean for affiliates?

Clubhouse has been going from strength to strength in its first year. Though it is still invite-only, the platform is now rolling out monetisation options for certain creators. How can affiliates and program managers take advantage of this new feature, and what benefit can it bring to online activities? Let’s take a closer look.

How does Clubhouse monetisation work?

Though the developers have other plans for the future, for the moment, Clubhouse monetisation is currently set up as a tipping feature.

Should someone like a creator’s content, they will be able to go to their profile and send them a payment through the app using a credit or debit card. Clubhouse has stated that 100% of this payment does go to the creator it is sent to, however the payment processor Stripe will charge a small fee on top of the payment.

Plans for the future

This tipping system is just the start of the plans for Clubhouse monetisation. They also plan to offer tickets and subscription models too.

Tickets events could prove to be incredibly useful. Since Clubhouse is designed to encourage the sharing and discussion of different topics, being able to create ticketed events could be beneficial here. Just as we have seen ticketed events pop up for seminars and talks on applications like Zoom, so we might also begin to see similar patterns emerging on Clubhouse’s platform.

Though there are few details as to what a subscription model might look like, one can imagine that Clubhouse might take inspiration from services like Patreon, the YouTube community subscriptions, or Twitch. All of these services allow subscribers to gain extra content and sometimes even access content early through their payments.

A Clubhouse subscription model should be able to offer something of value to the subscriber beyond being able to support a certain figure on the platform.

How affiliate managers can make use of Clubhouse monetisation

Though the tipping system might not always offer the best solutions for affiliate managers, that does not mean that the monetisation of Clubhouse will not be able to offer them anything of value.

Should Clubhouse be able to introduce ticketed events, this is where affiliates will most likely be able to grab opportunities. Being able to host seminars and pass on information and tips to your affiliates and audience allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Monetising this means that you can earn a little compensation for your time, and also helps to give some reassurance to your audience that you will be offering a quality product.

The race is certainly on in terms of launching successful Clubhouse monetisation to everyone. With the app not yet open to all, and still only available on iOS, some question whether or not this is too much too soon. Others have pointed to the success of third-party apps that can offer a lot more to people on these apps.

Clubhouse is an interesting platform that can really prove to be of value to affiliates. As monetisation rolls out, think carefully about how you can use it with the marketing and promotion of your affiliate program.

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