Clubhouse – all about this new exciting social channel

New social media platforms can be rare, but there is always the chance that an interesting new one will emerge into the digital space. Clubhouse is precisely that.

For the moment, it is invitation-only. Existing members can invite one person themselves and then unlock more invites.

What makes this such an appealing platform? Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

What is Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio social media platform. Unlike others like Instagram or Twitter which are rooted in text and image, Clubhouse is purely audio-based and it is focused on live conversations. These conversations take place within a “room” on the platform, giving ample opportunity for discussions and collaborations.

You can choose to just observe and monitor the conversations if you want, or you can actively participate. If you do want to get involved, there is a button you can press to signal to the host of the room that you would like to speak.

It is a flexible platform that will no doubt help to generate some interesting online discussions. Etiquette and politeness are built into it from the get-go, so you should have no issue joining in with a reasonable discussion whether you are just listening or actively taking part. You can even politely duck out of a room with little fanfare and without disturbing the other participants.

How do the rooms work?

Any member can start a room, so you can easily start up one to discuss with your followers. There are three types of room that you could start:

  • Open – available and visible to all
  • Social – only visible to those you follow
  • Closed – invitation only

You can nominate a topic to be discussed here to ensure that everyone knows what they will be discussing when they enter the room. If using Clubhouse for affiliate marketing, this is a great way for you to give a small introduction to the discussion before you begin.

What are clubs?

There is another way to organise and categorise yourself within Clubhouse and that is through clubs. This is best thought of as a group of people who regularly want to come together to discuss a certain topic. This allows you to build up regular discussions with like-minded people and get a real community spirit going.

It is up to the creator of the club as to how frequently you get together. It might be every month, every week, or even every day. It all depends on the topic at hand that you wish to discuss.

Why is Clubhouse good for affiliates?

Affiliate marketers should always be on the hunt for new platforms and social media prospects. Clubhouse is very different from many of the other platforms we have seen so far, and it could be packed with opportunities for the right person. It is an awesome place to gather insight and advice from a variety of different people, and it is a great option to explore for those who really want to push for value-driven content.

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