Choosing events to attend – a guide for affiliates

Affiliates need to make sure that they are constantly learning more about their industry and making key connections that can help to boost their brand and business. One of the best ways to do this can be through events. However, an affiliate always needs to make sure that they are choosing events that can best benefit them and their brand.

A wide calendar

When choosing events to attend, you will soon find that there is a wide calendar of different events happening all year round. Though there might be some that catch your eye, you will not be able to attend them all, and you need to prioritise the ones that could help you the most.

With digital events growing in popularity, you might be able to squeeze a few more events into your calendar than you would have in previous years. However, you still need to make sure that you are choosing events that you feel are going to be able to add value to your brand as a whole. Don’t attend an arbitrary event simply because you think that it could be worth it – you should be engaged with every event you are considering.

Offer value

Attending events as an idle spectator might get you the knowledge you need initially, but it is not enough. You need to make sure that you are prepared to offer something of value to the other people attending the event too.

Events are one of the best places for networking and meeting people who can boost your business, but you need to be prepared to make yourself into someone that others wish to engage and work with. Building effective business relationships is a skill that many have to learn, and choosing the right events can help you mould your business into one that others want to actively engage with.

Don’t forget about the small scale

When choosing events that you wish to attend, it can be tempting to only commit to the biggest events of your industry. You might think that the best place to get ahead is at the events with all of the industry leaders, and you can indeed make many important connections here.

However, you can also add value to your brand by attending smaller events. These can be a little more specialised, and could bring you into contact with other businesses at the same stage of development as you. Here, you can make some key contacts that could become a valued partner. They could help you scale far more successfully than an arbitrary meeting with an industry leader that does not go anywhere.

Choosing events to attend might seem straightforward enough, but it always pays off to have a little strategy in your picks. There are always going to be some events that can offer you more value than others. Think carefully about some of the skills you wish to improve or connections you could make, and see if there is an event out there that could meet your needs.

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