Cherry affiliate enters strategic partnership with Aftonbladet

Affiliate company Game Lounge, a subsidiary of Cherry AB, has today signed an agreement with Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest media site. The deal provides Game Lounge with an additional marketing channel to market, operate and manage customer contacts to the casino sites holding Swedish licences, opening for gaming as of 1 January 2019.
The agreement includes Game Lounge delivering a comparison site for casino and betting, with related content and technology solutions. It represents “an important factor in achieving the profit level indicated in connection with Cherry AB’s acquisition of the remaining shares in Game Lounge Sweden AB, a transaction detailed in a press release dated 17 October 2018”.
“This transaction illustrates the future of the media market, where partnerships will play a central role. We will be able to find synergies between one another there and benefit from each other’s expertise,” says Jonas Cederholm, CEO of Game Lounge.
“We are pleased that Schibsted chose to use our technology to develop its business in today’s undeniably fierce media landscape. This gives us the strength to show that we can provide such a large publicist with the best technology.”,” says Jonas Cederholm.
“Aftonbladet is Sweden’s largest news site with more than 3.4 million visitors every day, making it Sweden’s most popular source of news,” added Joakim Flodin, Sales Director at Schibsted. “We look forward to a prosperous cooperation with Game Lounge, for many years to come.”
The deal comes as Cherry received confirmation that all of its licence applications for online gaming and betting have been approved by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Effective from 1 January 2019, eight brands within the Online Gaming business area will be able to offer games and betting in the Swedish market.
“Although, the licence applications have involved a considerable amount of work, we are convinced that the Swedish regulations provide better conditions for gaming operators, our customers as well as for us as a company and therefore also for our shareholders. Sweden is an important market and we intend to continue growing from our already strong position,” explained Gunnar Lind, President and CEO of Cherry.

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