Chatbots: The future of affiliate marketing?

As the years go by, artificial intelligence continues to infiltrate our society at an alarming rate. Digital marketing is far from exempt from this, with AI helping to successfully streamline processes at a time of immense content overload.
One such form of AI that has become particularly prominent within affiliate marketing circles is chatbots, with Hira Saeed insisting that affiliates represent “an easy markets for chatbots and AI”.
Writing for VentureBeat, Saeed expanded: “If your chatbot solves a specific problem, you can add affiliate links in it. Let’s suppose I have a chatbot that provides a hair solution. A user is talking to the chatbot at your site and talking about hair colouring. A chatbot can determine the intent by seeing the words “hair” and “colour” - then, the chatbot will come up with an affiliate link that will redirect the user to a product for hair colouring.”
Similarly, Affiliate Royale’s John Hughes outlines three reasons why chatbots are particularly useful for affiliate programs:

  • “Help you provide support – Chatbots can present support and information in a way that feels both organic and personal, without the cost and manpower required to maintain a customer service representative.
  • Improve lead generation – You can use chatbots to gather user information, in order to generate more leads. They’re also great for providing information about your program to potential affiliates.
  • Present affiliate links – Since you can customize the responses your chatbot provides, you can even have them offer affiliate links in response to relevant queries.”

With chatbots on the ascendency, the way we search for and consume content is continually changing. That said, the basics of affiliate marketing haven’t changed. Producing engaging content that generates shares and clicks ought to remain the priority.

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