Catena resolves upon directed new issue shares

Catena Media has resolved upon a directed new issue of shares as payment for assets in April 2018 and for the group’s incentive programs.

In April, the company outlined that it had acquired assets in, and that €360,000 of the purchase price could be paid in form of newly issued shares in Catena Media. In light of the foregoing, the board of directors of the Company has, under the authorisation in the articles of association of the Company, resolved upon a directed share issue of 30,061 shares to the seller of the assets.

The subscription price amounts to SEK 123.30 per share, corresponding to the volume-weighted average price for Catena Media’s share on Nasdaq Stockholm during a period of 30 trading days up to and including 10 April 2018. As previously announced the shares will be subject to a lock-up period of twelve months effective from the closing date of the transaction.  

Catena’s board of directors has under the authorisation in the articles of association of the company resolved upon a directed new issue of 212,611 shares, as payment of part of the purchase price for acquired assets in as well as in accordance with the company’s incentive programs.

In addition to this share issue, the company has resolved on a directed issue of 182,550 shares by virtue of one of the company’s incentive programs. The share issue has been registered with Maltese authorities July 2, 2018.

Through the share issues, the number of ordinary shares in Catena Media increases by 212,611 shares from 55,075,594 shares to 55,288,205 shares and the share capital increases by €319 from €82,613 to €82,932.

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