AffiliateFEST Speaker preview: Joakim Renman

Ahead of this year’s exciting AffiliateFEST Bootcamp we’ll be showcasing  our expert speaker line up so that delegates can get a bit of insight around their area of expertise and what they can look forward to learning on the day. We caught up with Joakim Renman who is representing his area of expertise within our Sports Betting Panel, to understand where there are gaps in the market and how affiliates can leverage them for revenue growth.

Why are you participating at Affiverse’s AffiliateFEST 2018 – and what do you hope to get out of attending this exclusive affiliate event?

JR: Both personally and as a business, we are very keen to understand how we can shorten the gap between affiliates and us as a supplier. If and how we as a supplier can work with the affiliate community to drive greater demand for our products is a topic that needs to be explored.

Tell us bit about your business experience and background so we can point out your key skills when featuring you in press releases and there marketing communications

JR: From early 2007 to 2011 I’ve spent time mostly in poker site marketing and management, 2011 onwards I was more involved in B2B casino games and gaming platforms at NetEnt & NYX. Since last year I’ve been working on a venture to get Fantasy Sports established outside US and also to bring Pooled Betting to more of the online operators. My Key experience and knowledge in product development, Regulatory compliance and B2B sales is what will be discussed on the sports betting panel as we look to the future of each sports betting type and where opportunities for revenue growth may lie. 

Please share a brief synopsis of what affiliates can expect to learn from your panel session this year?

JR:  I’m hoping to share a bit on what opportunities lie in Fantasy Sports right now and even talk a bit about pooled betting for affiliates, now that there is a heavy focus on Casino with Sportsbetting as the second. A lot of competition mixed with regulator efforts to dampen the supply of casino/betting means there might be an interesting opportunity for affiliates to jump in early on the Fantasy trend.

What have you found are the biggest challenges that small entrepreneurs or solopreneurs like iGaming affiliates face in terms of understanding how to drive traffic in online channels and grow their business to keep up with future trends?

JR: Without having hands on affiliate experience myself, I suspect regulations such as those being currently discussed and implemented by the EU causes a lot of headaches for small business owners and is a reason why coming to events like this where there is a depth of content is a good idea. 

What do you think the future of Affiliate Marketing looks like and what can the delegates attending the event expect to find answers to – what trends are you currently seeing?

JR: I think that all though somewhat far off at the moment, we will start seeing affiliate marketing being more regulated, with affiliates having to acquire licenses just as they are in New Jersey at the moment. Once governments feel they have gotten “control” over the online gambling companies, affiliates are unlikely to become of interest to regulators outside of advertising compliance policies.

How is your business currently expanding and innovating to keep abreast of the latest digital and regulatory trends 

JR: We are working with B2C operators in various regions to adapt Fantasy and other Pooled Betting concepts to fit local markets. As an example of this we have developed several never seen before game concepts and features. The key for us to adapt ourselves to individual market requirements, based on end-user behaviour, operator demands and regulatory requirements. To this we have also set a policy to always and only work with the latest technology as an effort to make our product more attractive, not just to business people but also to gain advocacy with our customers tech departments.
If you’re a sports book affiliate interested in finding out more about which niche area’s hold a lot of value, be sure not to miss our exciting Sports Betting panel discussion at this year’s AffiliateFEST. Affiliates can register for a FREE ticket online.
Watch out for more of our Insider interviews with our expert speakers and thought leaders attending AffiliateFEST
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