Catena Media launches

Catena Media has today announced the launch of Play and Sustain, a casino comparison site with a unique twist.

The website ranks brands based on their commitment to good causes. It was revealed in Belgrade today, prior to this evening’s AskGamblers Awards.

More than just business performance 

Play and Sustain ranks casinos in four categories: carbon footprint, customer service, charitable causes and responsible gaming. These are all determined internally – no casino can buy space on the website.

Johannes Bergh, Chief Operating Officer at Catena Media, said: “We went ahead with this project for two reasons. Firstly, as a company, we understand that we need to help the industry regain its reputation.

“Secondly, nobody is in a better position than us to do this. Because even if governments point the finger at operators, it still takes a lot for consumers to research each and every brand to see what they do. It would take them forever to make these decisions – the same goes for investors and employers.

“We want to make it easy for all of these to determine which companies have the most progressive approach and best-suits their values.”

Company-wide support

Joe Hatch, Product Owner at Catena Media, was responsible for developing this project – along with Analytics Manager Edward Zerafa. When the idea was put forward last year, the super-affiliate’s employees voted it as one of their ‘best-ever ideas’.


When it comes to determining which casinos should rank, Hatch explained the process.

“We had an independent party do research on the brands on the industry. From their findings, we had the idea of using four categories to score the operators.

“These four categories were broken down and research was done on each section, based on information online. But we need input from operators, too, since we want this to be a collaborative effort.”

The role of players

Although Play and Sustain intends to shed light on casinos giving back through working with them, players also have a role to play. Hatch went on to discuss this further.

“We’re discussing some initiatives at the moment, but can’t discuss these until they’re signed off. But the market is that people are gambling online and this is an activity that they’ll be doing anyway.

“This is an opportunity to do something they enjoy, but also ensure that they’re being looked after as a customer, the environment is being considered and everybody is receiving the maximum level of enjoyment possible.”

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