Catena Media appoints Erik Edeem as new interim CFO

Catena Media has appointed Erik Edeen as interim CFO, succeeding Pia-Lena Olofsson. Edeen comes with more than twelve years of industry experience, and has been tipped by CEO Per Hellberg to play a key role in Catena’s day-to-day operations.
Hellberg said: “Erik Edeen will, during his time at Catena Media, be part of the company’s executive management. He will join Catena Media on the 7th of January 2019.”
At the top of his CV, Edeen recently held a CFO position at a European IT company, which followed on from finance work and that with a public corporation.
Hellberg also praised former CFO Olofsson, saying: “While welcoming Erik Edeen, I also want to thank Pia-Lena Olofsson for her time at Catena Media and wish her all the best in her continued career”.
The new appointment comes on the back of Michael Daly taking up the newly-created role of US General Manager and UK executive Nigel Firth joining the firm as Head of Catena’s Financial Services divisions.

Optimizer ‘no longer holds any shares or voting rights’ in Catena

Catena published a further statement noting that Maltese firm Optimizer Invest Ltd no longer holds shares or voting rights within the Stockholm-listed affiliate network.
Optimizer last month announced a “restructuring and re-organization of its assets and holding companies”. The firm’s Catena shares have been distributed to shareholders ‘who now own the shares directly’.
Founded in 2012, Optimizer Invest has been one of the sector’s most successful venture capital firms, developing a VC investment portfolio in sector enterprises such as GiG and Easy Payment Gateway.
“The distribution we have done right now is purely a technical matter, and we will continue to have the same engagement in Catena as we did before the distribution. We, the shareholders of Optimizer Invest, are also bound by the same lock-up undertakings as before” partner Mikael Riese Harstad explained to SBC News.

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