Blexr’s introduces a unique player promise, a German-language comparison site, is offering a unique proposition to players in this market.

The affiliate is introducing a first-of-its-kind ‘deposit guarantee’, which will protect players against unreasonable casino practices.

Security for customers was launched in January 2020. The site is owned by Blexr, a performance marketing company.

Players will be offered a refund to players that have had their cash withheld by casinos without good reason. This will be up to €500 of the first deposit.

Paudie O’Reilly, Blexr co-founder, commented on this new initiative. He said that the player deposit guarantee was “very unique approach to the market and the first of its kind”.

He also said the below.

“Given the need for trust amongst our users, we are saying to German players that we will put our money where our mouth is.

“If for some reason you do not get treated as you should at a casino we recommend, we’ll give you your money back. We are that confident in our offering that we can commit to this deal and follow through with our promise.”


Malta and Barcelona-based Blexr spent €450,000 investing in this web domain, “in an effort to build a web property with integrity for the German market.” 

The website offers comparisons between casinos that are trusted operators. For the sake of reliability and high-quality service, all of these have been vetted.

O’Reilly believes that this is the first step to claiming a majority in the German market. When speaking about this topic, he had the below to say.

“We created to give a sense of security to German players who really value a trustworthy name.

“They tend to be very data and computer savvy and show concerns about the legitimacy of websites. We knew upon entering the market that we would need to offer German users something that contained premium qualities, along with trust and legitimacy.”

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