CasinoPop moves to enhance player engagement with Wiraya deal

Online operator CasinoPop has successfully implemented Wiraya’s Mobile Customer Activation managed software, in an attempt to further strengthen its customer focus core.
The partnership is a boost for the CasinoPop Affiliate Program, with investment in customer retention and conversion leading to an increase in the value of traffic.
“We have structured our whole business model around rewarding loyal customers,” says Daniel Eriksson, CasinoPop Co-founder. “For us that means not only going beyond sharing part of our company profits, but also enriching the experience for players throughout the customer life cycle.
“The reason for using Wiraya has been proven in three key areas. We’ve been able to increase the lifetime value of players, deliver unmatched conversion rates and by focusing on existing customers, we’ve proactively reduced churn.”
“Customer experience (CX) used to be a secondary consideration for iGaming operators. It was a nice to have, but the main consideration was always conversion. Get more people in. Yet as we move into the ‘Age of the Player’ the customer experience and conversion go hand in hand. By blending personalised voice, text and gamification, we are enabling CasinoPop to treat every player like a VIP.”
Hampus Lindberg, Wiraya iGaming Director, added: “Operators are finally recognising that customer experience is the main differentiator for brands. While more stringent regulations, and greater competition are clearly factors, ultimately greater expectations from players is causing leading operators to change their approach.”

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