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Casinomeister pledges to support small businesses affected by Covid-19

Casinomeister has distributed a press release to announce its support for small businesses affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 

The online casino information site has created a new section on its forum to enable this, titled ‘Members’ Small Businesses Market’. 

“Doing what we can” 

Casinomeister Director Brian Bailey had the following to say. 

“We are doing what we can to ensure that small businesses that are affected by the Covid-19 virus restrictions can have a life-line to weather out this storm. Many of our members either work, own, or rely on small businesses for their livelihoods. 

“If you are a shop owner or work in a shop, or you have close friends or relatives that fall into this category, please post whatever you like about the business to include photographs and  links to its online store.”

There is global traffic”

Casinomeister has pointed out that it “has one of the largest and most active player communities on the planet”. 

Its press release also said that “there is global traffic at Casinomeister, and even a few visitors through these links might make a difference. Every little bit counts.”

On the newly-created forum section, the below was written by a staff member. 

“I wanted to start a non-gambling portion of this forum to assist our membership who might be finding themselves in dire straits with many small shops and establishments being shut down.  

“We have an awesome community here, and loads of us are being affected by these closures. I hope that by doing this we can help each other out – or some of our friends or relatives.  

“Please post a new thread for each business you’d like to announce, using the appropriate prefix (online shop, offline shop, etc.).”

Casinomeister’s forum can be accessed here

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