CasinoGuide launches live chat feature

CasinoGuide Project Manager Alex Tester details the firm’s all-new live chat feature launch, and explains how it will help the brand better assist and understand its visitors.
Knowing your audience and understanding what they are looking for is critical in almost any business, and the gambling industry is no different. That’s why the team are proud to announce a new addition to the site, which visitors can find in bottom-right corner of the screen. The icon there activates CasinoGuide’s new live chat feature, where you can speak to a real person who will assist you in finding the content you’re looking for.

Why live chat?

It’s a little unusual for an affiliate website to have such a feature. Most operators of course make regular use of live chat when interacting with customers, but this isn’t as essential for a comparison website such as CasinoGuide. So why did they decide to implement this feature?
Project Manager Alex Tester stated: “our modus operandi at CasinoGuide is ‘guiding you to a better online experience’, and the fact is a lot of people prefer to receive that guidance from a real person, rather than having to hunt around for the information themselves. Often, if you’re looking for a good restaurant, or places to visit on holiday, the first instinct is to ask someone – and we think this can extend to online casinos too.
“So it makes perfect sense for us to try and guide our visitors this way. Plus, we can use chat transcripts to find out more about what our visitors want or expect, which then enables us to improve the website in a targeted way.”

Trial period

Even so, it’s not yet clear whether this idea will yield results. The live chat feature is being trialled on but is not yet available 24/7. If the trial is a success, there are plans to launch it on and in the near future.

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