Casinoble sees a 500% growth in traffic thanks to Latin America and Asia

Casinoble have seen a growth of 500 per cent in their traffic since the start of 2019 and it has been put down to the growth in emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia.

The mobile growth of Casinoble in Asia and Latin America has aided their growth as a whole according to Casinoble.

Founded last year, the Stockholm-based global casino affiliate brand has said that they have benefited from both internal and external factors.

Casinoble’s Viola Lager said: “On the internal side, we have had a significant increase in traffic from search engines and been fortunate with our partnerships that have shown to be very fruitful.

“Externally we are riding on a wave of growth in Latin America and Asia due to technological progress and trend shifts in the way of gambling.

“Until recently, the growth in the online gambling sector has been focused around Europe and North America, but now the rest of the world is catching up. Latin America and Asia especially.”

However, the biggest change in comparison to the previous period is that there has been a 612 per cent growth in Chile, with increases in India and Czech Republic being the biggest in their respective contingents of Asia and Europe.

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