Casino Hacks launches popular culture-inspired affiliate site

Casino Hacks has launched a new affiliate site, which is “the world’s first TV show for online casino players”. 

The idea was inspired by popular TV shows and channels, such as MTV, Top Gear and late night programmes. 

The website will cater to players with an interest in blackjack, slot machines, baccarat and roulette. 

“A higher standard of entertainment”

Casino Hacks was founded by a group of online gaming enthusiasts and marketing experts. 

Leading the project is Clas Dahlén, who was named ‘Sweden’s Best Marketer’ in 2014. 

Dahlén had the following to say about the launch of this new project. 

“We believe that online casino players, across the world deserve a higher standard of live entertainment. Looking for tips, hacks and great casinos and the best bonuses should not be like going through the Yellow Pages! We believe this part of the casino experience should reflect all the fun and action one can expect from an online casino today.

“It’s now my mission to market and sell this amazing website. I’ll be a sales-focused CEO who will introduce our outstanding service to casino players and make sure the content is entertaining. That is my full-time job for now!” 

The Swede continued with the following. 

“Coming from the operator side we felt it was time to do something new in the affiliate sector, creating new energy and with great design, broadcasting and all the fun entertainment that the online casino experience truly is about.  

“The show will reveal the latest online casino news, broadcasting casino reviews, new slots and interviews with interesting industry people such as the best Twitchers. The daily show will naturally run fun and rewarding competitions continuously.”

The show

Alongside Dahlén, executives with experience at companies such as MTV, Mr Green and Raketech helped to launch this project. 

With regards to its TV show, the affiliate has already contacted a range of online gaming operators and casino games suppliers for sponsorship.

Casino Hacks says that to begin with, it will pick just a selection of casinos to work with. This is to ensure a high level of quality for its services and the bonuses it displays. 

Dahlén also had the following to say. 

“Keeping our language real, trustworthy and staying true to our beliefs is something most people strive for. Few live up to it. Our members can count on us. As our brand platform describes, we are creative, honest and passionate in our communication with our members.”

Casino Hacks’ show will be available on various online platforms, such as Twitch. 

Set for an international launch this week in Canada and New Zealand, Casino Hacks will expand into eight other territories this year. These include Australia and Iceland.

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