Casino Gazette revamps website

Almost a year after relaunching, the gambling news and podcast website Casino Gazette has been revamped.

The site originally launched in 2000, but then went on a 16-year hiatus after closing in 2003.

Since relaunching last July, its focus has been on sharing the daily ongoings from the gambling industry.


According to Casino Gazette’s press release, the refreshed site will provide visitors with “a more structured and fluid feel”. On top of this, users will benefit from easier site navigation – thanks in part to its all-new look.

Over the coming weeks, the website – which was founded by Casinomeister owner Bryan Bailey – is planning further additions.

Podcasts from previous years will be uploaded, while new casino-oriented episodes will also go live. These all form part of Casino Gazette‘s plans to “return to its roots”.

Back and ready for the modern world 

When Casino Gazette originally launched in 2000, the Internet was still in its early days. While video sites such as YouTube didn’t exist and webcasts weren’t as big as today, the affiliate was already putting together podcasts.

Along with its podcasts, Casino Gazette also shares a range of YouTube videos from the Casinomeister channel on its site.

Users also have access to casino reviews via the Casino Gazette menu.

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