Casino Cabbie

Casino Cabbie launches in the US

Online casino comparison site Casino Cabbie has announced its launch in the US iGaming space.

The website aims to offer data-driven reviews with the use of easy-to-access information that covers more than 1,000 data points.

Casino Cabbie was developed by a team of professionals with more than two decades of experience in online gaming.

Honing trust with US players 

The website covers casinos across both online and mobile platforms. Moreover, players can also access multiple casino bonuses.

When deciding on how the website should be branded, Creator Alex Tester explained the process.

“We wanted to create a brand that people trust. And when you’re in unfamiliar territory (as manyfirst-time online gamblers feel), who better to trust to show you around than a licensed cabbie?

“We felt that a New York cab driver’s exhaustive knowledge of streets and locations was the
perfect analogy for the knowledge of online casinos we share on the site.”

Making the US market easier to navigate 

In addition to reviewing casinos and offering bonuses, Casino Cabbie also provides players with information about gaming suppliers and payment methods.

Tester noted that there are multiple complexities in the US market, with some states regulating online gambling and others not. There is also the added component that the market is still relatively young, compared to more developed ones in Europe.

He added the following to his previous quotes.

“US players and visitors know only too well the complicated intricacies of the US
gambling market, especially given the different laws and regulations in each territory.

“Still, until now, no US review site I’ve seen has taken on the monumental task of breaking down the US market from a data-based perspective.

“That’s the trail we are blazing with Casino Cabbie.”

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