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Cash gambling ban debated by Armenian parliament

The Armenian government is currently considering a wider prohibition on gambling, mainly through a ban on cash gambling and a tightening of restrictions for other payment methods.

This means that Armenians will not be able to wager using cash payments – including through betting tournaments. It is thought that a tightening of restrictions against e-wallet transactions could follow later.

One of the advocates for this change, MP Gevorg Papoya, “The main target of the bill is citizens who are socially vulnerable but at the same time have gambling addiction, which worsens their social condition.

“If the law takes effect, the cash option will be banned. Then, after six months, the e-money option will also be banned, leaving only the bank transaction, meaning the non-cash payment option.

“Being an adult is a mandatory condition for having a bookmaking account, an age threshold is in place for having a bank account as well. Therefore, the participation of minors will not be possible.”

Previously, Armenia has cracked down on gambling advertising. The cash gambling ban could be the herald of further changes that could bring about some of the strictest in a country that does permit legal gambling.

Affiliates in the Armenian market should pay close attention to how these new changes and bans could affect their campaigns.

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