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Carbon offsetting for affiliates – how you can do your bit to help the planet

We only have one Planet Earth, and there is a growing call for us to make changes to the way we live to offset carbon emissions. Since affiliates live and breath in a digital landscape, you might think that there is not much that you can do here, especially compared to some of the high-polluting industries on the planet.

However, there are very much some things that you can do that means you will be doing your bit to help the planet out. Here are some of the things you can do for carbon offsetting for your affiliate business.

Measure your carbon footprint

One of the first things you should think about doing is measuring your carbon footprint. This will give you an idea of what you are currently using, and where the most changes can be made.

You might be able to roughly estimate how much you use by using an online carbon footprint calculator, but there are also plenty of experts who could be brought in to fully assess the business. If you are determined to commit to a program of carbon offsetting, this could be the best track for you to choose.

Master the humble email

As an affiliate, you should be an expert at sending clear and concise emails. However, this is a skill that needs to be improved upon if you wish to engage with carbon offsetting.

You might be mistaken in thinking that sending an email does not generate that much CO2. Compared to some activities, it might not. However, sending an email does mean that it will pass through several points all powered by electricity and all producing carbon in some way.

Cut out the small follow-up emails that could be a single line, and master sending powerful emails that cover all bases that you need in one go. It is estimated that if every Brit sent one fewer “thank you” emails every day, we could save over 16,000 tonnes of carbon.

This is the same as thousands of flights each year. It might just be a tiny part of saving the planet, barely making an impact, but small gestures like this all add up and contribute in the long-term.

Look for alternative meetings

Whereas once we might have travelled around the world without batting an eyelid, 2020 brought that to a grinding halt. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many conferences and meetings to move from in-person events to digital ones, and this has proved to be a great success.

Though there are still going to be some carbon emissions that come with these discussions, it could prove to be a fraction compared to what travel could generate. Affiliate marketing already exists within a digital landscape and so we must look for ways that we can build upon this and take full advantage of it.

Digital networking will prove to be crucial to affiliates in the future. Get ahead of the trend and make sure you know how to use this style of discussion and networking to drive engagement and conversions for your brand.

Carbon offsetting is likely to be something that many businesses will have to adopt in the future, even mainly digital ones like affiliate marketing. The above points are a brilliant place for you to jump in and start making changes. When it comes to fighting carbon emissions, even the smallest moves can make a difference!

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