Google introduces new gambling ad block to its services

Google is going to introduce a gambling ad block feature to its advertisement settings, which means users can choose to see less gambling-related content whilst using its services. This should help to facilitate the process of recovery for people who have been suffering from gambling addiction.

Limiting the number of ads on sensitive topics

Google decided to implement this new feature after feedback from users revealed that they would like to limit the number of advertisements they see regarding certain sensitive topics, such as gambling and alcohol.

This isn’t the only ad block that Google has created to help protect its consumers. They previously introduced the ‘mute this ad’ feature, which allows users to never see a specific advertisement again. However, with the new gambling ad block, the entire category can be muted.

Empowering users to take control of their ad experience

Of course, this decision can be reversed, if the consumer so chooses. In an official statement on their website, Google said this “is an extra step, putting choice in the user’s hands and enabling you to further control your ad experience.”

They added: “We’ll continue to improve our controls; and as our products and people’s expectations of them evolve, so will the features we make available to personalize ad experiences.”

The gambling ad block will be first made available in the United States of America before being rolled out across the rest of the world by early next year.

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