BtoBet partners with Betfair in Colombia

Betfair – one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world – has recently closed a deal with BtoBet, allowing the latter to increase its outreach in Colombia.

BtoBet is an innovative sportsbook technology that was acquired by Aspire Global, a leading provider of platforms and solutions in the iGaming industry.

This partnership means that BtoBet’s sportsbook platform, Neuron 3, will gain a foothold in the Colombian jurisdiction and increase its accessibility to the Latin American market.

A Top-Class Betting Experience

When discussing their latest collaboration, Mike Woodbridge (international director of Betfair), announced: “We are excited about this planned partnership and the chance to offer a top-class betting experience to Colombian customers by combining BtoBet’s excellent Neuron 3 platform with Betfair’s industry-leading trading and risk management capabilities.”

Tsachi Maimon, the CEO of Aspire Global, also commented: “This agreement paves the way for BtoBet to further expand into regulated markets across the world. It is a key advantage to combine Betfair’s strong brand and extensive industry knowledge with our flexible technology and competitive offering.”

Aspire Global bought all the shares for BtoBet back in September for €20 million This investment has already proven itself to be quite lucrative, less than a month later.

Proud of their achievement, Maimon added: “Aspire Global has once again proved that we supply the best solutions for all regulated markets, and we are proud that Betfair has chosen us for the Colombian market.”

The founder of BtoBet, Alessandro Fried, was also delighted by the prospects of this affiliation, saying: “We are confident that we will become key players in the market by combining Betfair’s strong brand and extensive industry knowledge with our flexible technology.”

As such, the future looks bright for BtoBet and Aspire Global, thanks to Betfair seeing the promise in their product.

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