BtoBet delivers insight into Francophone Africa market through new handbook

With the African iGaming market continuing to gather speed, BtoBet has released a new industry report giving operators an insight into essential data and statistics for the continent’s 26 francophone countries with regard to the augmentation of the user experience.
The report, entitled “Francophone Handbook: Augmenting user experience through tailored content”, places a focus on “how a tailored content approach provides an augmented player experience, whilst also providing an insight on how the continent – particularly Francophone Africa – is experiencing an ameliorating situation in terms of internet, mobile and smartphone penetration.”
References have been made to BtoBet’s newly tailored content portfolio, which seeks to achieve a balance on the player preference and the technology scenario in the region.
The report detailed: “For a long time, African players have been presented with content that is inept to deliver a high level of player experience. Technological limitations was constantly indicated as the main culprit for this inadequacy, however poor UI and UX have given way to fun content, with light weight technology at its core, providing the player with an excellent experience both from a visual perspective and an interface point of view.”
In the report, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sabrina Soldà also explains the ways in which the local audience are increasingly choosing the offerings that blend an outstanding and personalised user experience with an intuitive interface.
She explains: “What really sets the continent apart from any other emerging scenario is the fact that the population has skipped the desktop stage almost entirely. The spread of the mobile divide has resulted in low-cost products and cheaper services to users. So even though many still consider the iGaming industry in Africa in its embryonic stage, there is a solid base for an exponential growth.
“The vast majority of operators are not geared up to provide an adequate UX, be it from a technological perspective or content-wise. Although content heavily relies on the technological aspect, this should not be used as a scapegoat for the uninspiring content that characterizes the greater part of the local market.
“And this boils down to taking the correct approach to the local market. But first things first. Operators must keep in mind that the local player experience itself varies dramatically from other scenarios, and what constitutes a successful model in the European market varies greatly from the winning model that should be adapted in Africa.”

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