BTC365 unveils new platform design

BTC365 unveils new brand for Players and Offers for Affiliates too!

Hot off the press, BTC365 announced today the debut of its freshly redesigned website. This revamp design, grounded by years of player feedback, now also unfolds a new chapter for their affiliate marketing program, making player recruitment a breeze for BTC365 affiliates. With a new user-centric interface, the relaunch is engineered to provide an unparalleled gaming experience, aiding their affiliates to effortlessly showcase the platform’s offering to new prospective players.

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Enhanced User Tools: Search Bar, Game Sorting, and Favourites Section

So what’s changed? Here’s a summary of the latest updates:

Games Search Bar: Time-saving and efficient, our new search bar enables you to find your desired game with just a few keystrokes, reducing the need to navigate through multiple pages.

Game Sorting: Tailor your game search with our game sorting feature that neatly organises the gaming portfolio into ‘Popular’ and ‘Recommended’ sections, helping you pinpoint your preferred game types swiftly.

Bookmark your Favourites: The essence of personalization is captured in our Favourites section, allowing you to bookmark your cherished games into a dedicated folder for easy access.

A Fresh Look with New Features

BTC365’s new UIUX transcends a mere visual upgrade. It introduces:

  • Quick Access to Casino/Sports Categories in one dashboard : Transition seamlessly between games and sports events.
  • Featured Section: Direct shortcuts to popular games, sports events, and user guides.
  • Streamlined Gaming and Betting

In addition to these new features, their customer gaming and betting sections have been refined to also include:

  • Sports with Betby: Elevate your sports betting experience with our new vendor, Betby.
  • On-Page Information: Stay updated with leaderboards and bets displayed on the main page.
  • Efficient Player Account Management

Simplified account management is now also available to customers right at their fingertips:

  • Unified Wallet Access: Execute deposit and withdrawal actions seamlessly with wallet, deposit, and withdraw options housed in one pop-up.
  • Quick Access to Essentials: Wallet, deposit, and live support are now easily accessible, eliminating the need to navigate around the page for different buttons.
  • Coming Soon: More Exciting Features and A New Loyalty System

The relaunch of the brand interface is merely the tip of the iceberg as their affiliate team gears up to unveil more features and a revamped loyalty system laden with even better affiliate  and player retention promotions. BTC365 is on a mission to deliver an exhilarating yet secure crypto gambling experience. We cordially invite you to explore the new features and stay tuned for more enhancements and promotions en route as this innovating brand fosters a community where players and affiliates alike find value, entertainment, and a potential new income stream.

The enhancements are not just features; they are a testament to BTC365’s commitment to creating a platform that resonates with the needs and preferences of our users and affiliates. Click HERE to take a closer look at this innovative affiliate program today!


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