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Boost your revenue by 10% with this new V.Partners offer

Are you an affiliate within the iGaming industry? If so, V.Partners has a fantastic offer available that you need to check out.

Affiliates who put particular focus on Canada, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden, and who successfully drive traffic and increase profits in these regions, will be offered a 10% income boost as a reward.

The V.Partners affiliate program is an excellent choice for those looking to get involved with the iGaming industry. The company is a direct advertiser of a number of globally recognised online casino brands, and joining the affiliate program can offer you up to 50% revenue share and up to €350 CPA with no hidden fees.

In addition, the V.Partners affiliate program accepts traffic from over 50 countries across the globe, making it the perfect choice wherever you are in the world.

Affiliates who join the V.Partners program will have the support and guidance of a team of trained experts. They will work collaboratively to provide you with everything you need to kick-start your campaign and start generating leads and conversions, with access to all the tools and marketing materials you need to maximise results.

The program even allows affiliates to request custom creative and marketing material, which means they can truly tailor and personalise their campaigns.

This new offer only adds further incentive and gives affiliates the chance to earn even more from the work that they do.

One detail that is important to note is that this new offer only applies to CPA deals and that it is active only for the month of June, from 1st June 2023 to 30th June 2023, so ensure you don’t miss out.

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