Maximising traffic in the evolving casino climate

Adapting to new regulations and fresh marketing innovations, the casino affiliate space is constantly evolving.

Affiverse spoke to Joonas Karhu, Chief Business Officer for Bojoko, who is currently analysing the changing climate for casino affiliates, as well as the most effective methods to drive useful traffic.

Affiverse : Could you tell our readership more about the changes in the casino affiliate space and how important it is for casino affiliates to embrace these changes?

JK: Given that regulators say operators are responsible for the content affiliates publish on their behalf, we believe it is only fair they should be able to control what goes live in the first place.

AI: When it comes to driving traffic, what type of affiliate content do you think will be most effective in the casino space?

JK: I believe what TripAdvisor has done in the restaurant space is what will be the most useful content in the casino space, and this is what Bojoko’s mission is all about: Creating a space where both players and online casinos can come together to share their casino stories. Players can pitch in their stories and constructive feedback to help other users make more educated decisions in their casino selection as well as push online casinos to improve their products. Online casino operators can publish their own reviews and offers and are thus able to control their branding and marketing to highlight their uniqueness and comply better with safe gambling regulation from their licensing bodies.

AI: How do you see the affiliate casino space evolving in the coming years?

JK: I believe other licensing jurisdictions, like Malta, Denmark, and Sweden will follow the UK’s recent regulatory changes and restrictions. This means that operators will be more selective in their affiliate partners, which will guide affiliates toward a more professional approach in their businesses.

AI: What can casino affiliates do to ensure that regulatory clampdowns have minimal effect on how much they’re being used?

JK: Most of the “clampdowns” recently seen from UK’s regulatory body are, in my opinion, welcomed and overdue. These, for example, are good things: Not allowing operators to use predatory bonus terms like non-forfeitable bonuses, not allowing the use of the word “free” when there’s a catch like deposit or other requirements, taking harder approach to better tackle problem gambling by making sure operators have processes for this in place, and not allowing the use of characters and imaginary that clearly is appealing to minors.

 AI: What advice would you give to affiliates looking to adapt to the space’s evolution?

JK: Find and stick to your niche and be the best in it. Follow good marketing practises and regulations.

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