UKGC review sees FSB suspend Blackbet white label

The UK Gambling Commission has revealed that it has instigated a review of online gaming platform provider FSB Technology’s UK licence following the emergence of regulatory concerns surrounding its Blackbet white-label partner.

The supplier, which currently offers both casino and sportsbook, has agreed to voluntarily suspend all of Blackbet’s UK operations.

Addressing the review in a brief statement, the UKGC explained:  “Due to regulatory concerns, the Gambling Commission has instigated a review under s116 of the Gambling Act into FSB Technology (UK) Limited.

“FSB Technology (UK) Limited has voluntarily suspended activities on its Blackbet website. The voluntary suspension of the Blackbet website will not prevent the operator paying out customers.”

Carrying out the review under Section 116 of the UK Gambling Act, it means that “The Commission has power to review any matter relating to an individual operating licence on any of three grounds:

  • If the Commission suspects that conditions of an operating licence are being breached.
  • If the Commission believes that the licence holder or any person connected with the gambling activities, has been convicted of a relevant offence in Great Britain or abroad.
  • If the Commission for any reason:
    • Suspects that the licence holder may be unsuitable to perform the licensed activities.
    • Thinks that a review would be appropriate.

“The section makes it clear that a review can be carried out even if there is no suspicion or belief about the licence holder’s activities. This ensures that a licence could be reviewed solely on the grounds, for example, that it had been held for a long period of time, and that the Commission considered a review prudent.

“In the event that the Commission decides to carry out a review of an individual licence there are procedural requirements to ensure that the licence holder can take part in the review.”

Accessing the Blackbet site does currently display the following message: “For regulatory purposes, we have had to take the decision to suspend all gambling activities on this site for the foreseeable future.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but want to assure you that:

“Any funds currently held in your account are safe and can be withdrawn via the ‘My Account/Withdrawals’ menu.

“If you have placed any unsettled bets, these will stand up until 23:59 on Tuesday, 27th August when any still unsettled will be made void.”

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