Big Bola Casinos partner with Betsson

Sweden-listed operator, Betsson, has entered into a partnership with Big Bola Casinos in Mexico; this will fuel the development of online gaming in the country.

Betsson & Big Bola

Both Betsson and Big Bola are joining forces to bring online gaming to Mexico at full speed. Betsson has been offering digital and mobile entertainment to players for some time and they are known for providing excellent games sportsbook betting. The company is listed in Stockholm and falls under the BML Group Ltd umbrella. Big Bola is currently operating 20 casinos across Mexico and are ready to power online gaming.

The partnership

Big Bola is providing Betsson with a smooth ride into Mexico and the partnership is expected to bring new opportunities to the country. The Chief Executive of Betsson, Jesper Svensson, has said: “This is yet another expansion into the LatAm region which we see so much potential in. As we have done in Brazil, Colombia and the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, we are teaming up with a local partner that lives and breathes the local culture.”

Big Bola are also showing excitement for the partnership. “We are happy that Betsson Group has chosen to partner with us for their operations in Mexico.” Said Emilio Quiros, Big Bola’s Director of Operations. “We believe that our market expertise and their knowledge and experience about online gaming will result in an outstanding product for Mexico.”

For affiliates

The partnership will allow Betsson to offer online sports betting and live casino games for people across the country, so there will be many new marketing opportunities for affiliates.

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