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Beyond the Buzz: How AFFTER Made a Real Splash at iGB Affiliate London

With the digital landscape constantly evolving, new challenges and opportunities emerge by the day. iGB Affiliate London 2024 stands as a crucial conclave for those keen on navigating the complex currents of the affiliate marketing world.

This conference is where the giants of yesterday meet today’s eager innovators — more than 200 companies vied for the attention of the 6,500 participants.

Capturing the attention of the top-tier affiliates requires more than just attendance; it demands distinction and relevance. AFFTER’s vibrant showcase at iGB London underlines a key principle — real-world interactions and experiences can forge stronger connections than any digital campaign.

An Affiliate Program that Captivates

AFFTER carved a niche for itself in the iGaming industry, boasting a proficient team with deep insights into the market. It impressed affiliates with a platform that didn’t just showcase an impressive array of gambling and betting offerings, but is also packed with powerful analytics, real-time statistics, and iron-clad data security. 

By adopting an exclusive, invitation-only approach, AFFTER elevated the caliber of its business relationships. This strategy distinguished the affiliate program from its competitors and reinforced its commitment to fostering genuine, high-value partnerships in the industry. 

AFFTER’s revelation of expanding its reach to new GEOs, including the strategically crucial regions of Eastern Europe and various Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries, demonstrates a keen understanding of market dynamics. Coupling high conversion rates with tailored local content forms a compelling proposition for affiliates scoping out the next big opportunity.

AFFTER’s Managing Director, Maxim Makovetskiy, talks more about the team, traffic sources, and more in his interview here.

Warming Up the Audience

When it comes to conferences, it’s important to consider that you’ll have a lot of competition at hand. A great marketing strategy at your booth will be for nothing if there are no audiences, so you must first attract attendees to your stand. 

To do that, you should inform attendees of your presence at the event and what they should expect from you. Create anticipation through the following strategies:

  • post on social networks and add applicable hashtags,
  • use pop-ups and banners on your own website,
  • publish SEO-optimized blog articles,
  • employ PPC advertising with relevant keywords and target locations where your expected audiences are concentrated,
  • promote through the host company’s banner ads and print ads (such as their magazines and event guides).


AFFTER utilised these strategies and went all out to boost visibility and engagement pre-conference. This resulted in a large crowd at their booth that ended with highly productive networking sessions and a wildly successful party during the event itself.

Cutting Through the Crowd

How do you ensure your booth isn’t just another stop in a long day of networking? By providing memorable experiences that attendees will not find anywhere else!

AFFTER’s exclusive partner, Parimatch, brought football legend Gary Cahill directly to the conference floor, drawing at least a hundred people to the booth. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, participants even stood a chance to win extraordinary prizes, including tickets to a Chelsea match, an exclusive opportunity to attend a private training session with the team, and a sought-after autograph session with Gary Cahill. 

This masterstroke of marketing not only gathered crowds but also solidified AFFTER’s reputation as a brand that delivers unique, memorable experiences—a far cry from the conventional booth setup.

See how AFFTER turned a regular conference into an unforgettable experience filled with exclusive opportunities. Click here to watch the full video recap of the conference.

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