Bettingmetrics Marketplace aims to link up tipsters and betting fans

Educational sports betting platform Bettingmetrics has successfully launched the Bettingmetrics Marketplace, where people interested in sports betting can follow the world’s most successful sports bettors.
The ultimate goal of the Bettingmetrics Marketplace is to connect knowledgeable sports bettors who perceive betting as an investment with other like-minded people willing to learn and follow. It also aims to be the ‘unique place built for both tipsters and punters by creating a fair and transparent environment’.
In order to make educated and data driven decisions, punters are able to fully analyse the tipster historical performance. They can use the advanced analytical tools available on the site and ensure that they will be learning and following the right person.
Bettingmetrics ensures the quality of the information published on the market place by applying an algorithm which automatically verifies and settles the outcome of 90% of all tips published. The goal is to be able to verify 100% of the content available on the site the algorithm will be improving on a daily basis as it learns from historical data. That ensures high standards of the information available as well as healthy relationship between punters and tipsters.
Martin Grozev, Co-founder of Bettingmetrics, explained: “Bettingmetrics market place is great addition to our educational platform. Punters now can not only compare odds, place bets track and analyse their data but they can also follow one of the smartest and most educated sports bettors. Thanks to the technology used we are currently charging the lowest market fees when we connect tipsters with punters.
“We have always believed that the only way to establish long term business relationship is when both parties are happy. We know how much work tipsters put down in order to make their analysis and build quantitative models, hence we will try to always offer a fair deal that will make tipsters happy, so they can focus on what they do best.”

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