Betting Gods and 24Dogs dedicated to improving greyhound betting experience and have entered a new strategic partnership, which aims to improve the betting experience for punters as well as raise the profile of greyhound racing for generations.

With an approach to imposing no limits or restrictions on the amount punters can win, except those in accordance with responsible gambling guidelines, 24Dogs has stated a dedicated aim of appealing to gamblers looking to make gains from greyhound racing.

Chris Aldworth, Operations Manager at 24Dogs stated: “Our punters have gained massive value over the years by betting on the tracks totes with us. Teaming up with Betting Gods is a perfect partnership as we want our punters to win.

 “Betting Gods is an extremely exciting opportunity for us to help our customers maximize their profits, they have an extremely professional and honest approach and we are looking forward to a long successful partnership.”

Praising the approach of the E-Tote Ltf owned firm, Darren Moore, Director of the Maltese owned Betting Gods, praised a “positive shift in the betting industry,” bringing an added level of openness and fairness to customers.

Regarding the new link-up, Moore commented: “Punters are becoming increasingly fed up of being restricted by how much they can stake or win online.

“Year upon year bookies are reporting multi-million pound profits, but the average punter who dares to win more than he or she loses has their accounts closed or restricted.

“We’re delighted and honoured to partner with 24Dogs, who state they will never limit customers other than in accordance with responsible gambling practices.

“It is a clear sign and positive shift in the betting industry. We hope that other companies can learn from this openness and willingness to be fair to all customers.”

“It is also great for the industry of greyhound racing. The dedicated betting platform of 24Dogs has the scope to drastically raise the profile of the sport for current and future generations,” added Moore.

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