bet365 releases annual results

Global gambling operator bet365 released its annual financial results yesterday, in which it made progress in multiple areas.

The results accounted for the 53 weeks leading up to March 31st, 2019. So, the 2018 World Cup was one of the events that contributed to these figures.

The key figures 

Sports and gaming revenue increased by 10%, surpassing £2.9 billion. Comparatively, the previous year’s number for this stood at just under £2.72 billion.

There was a 23% increase in active customers, which was no doubt helped by the event in Russia and England’s run to the World Cup semi-finals. Meanwhile, 79% of sports revenue came from in-play betting.

Along with the growth in active customers, the amount wagered on sports also hit 23%. The full figure for this was £64,486,235.

Mobile sports also became more popular with bet365 customers. 18% more players wagered via this medium than had been the case in the previous 12 months’ results.

Growth and goodwill 

Along with bet365’s impressive revenue and player figures, it also participated in various goodwill initiatives. £86.3 million was donated to charity throughout the 53 weeks, much of which went to the Dennis Coates Foundation.

More personnel now work for the company, too. There are now 4,646 people working for the company, which is over 600 more than had been the case before.

Tackling challenges 

bet365’s growth was slower than in previous years, but this was due to a range of factors. For starters, the firm has invested large amounts in improving its social responsibility stance. One of steps it has taken towards improving this is using Gaming innovation Group (GiG)‘s Comply software. It also joined the German Sports Betting Association, where it has been joined by the likes of MoPlay and William Hill.

Actions towards safeguarding individuals against money laundering were also taken in the weeks that these figures cover.

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