BET 2020 to take place in digital format next week

Event organisers have opted to host the BET 2020 Expo online, taking place on 9th April 2020. 

Originally, the event was planned for a land-based location in London from 7th – 9th April. However, changes had to be made as a result of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 

Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone will be speaking on a panel discussion about the key characteristics of an affiliate network. 

The panel discussion 

Lee-Ann will be joined for her talk by Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, Vice President of Strategy at Income Access

The topic of the discussion will be:

“Affiliate networks today are much more than they were before. Successful affiliate network should resemble a full-scale marketing agency, and here’s why”. 

Both Lee-Ann and Sarafina were also on the same panel at iGB Affiliate London in February. Here, they discussed affiliate marketing opportunities in Africa for the ‘Africafilliates’ session. 

BET 2020 goes digital for the first time 

So far, over 150 people have registered for BET 2020’s digital edition. These span across multiple online gambling sectors, from affiliate marketing to operators.

As is happening with a lot of iGaming conferences at the moment, BET 2020 has gone virtual for the first time. This is to reduce the spread of Covid-19, while also adhering to restrictions that many European and North American governments have imposed for the time being. 

Next month, the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit – originally planned to take place in Tallinn, Estonia – will also be held online. As she is with BET 2020, Lee-Ann will be speaking at that event as well. 

Elsewhere, SBC Events has launched the SBC Digital Summit – which will take place from 27th April to 1st May. This is set to be the world’s largest online event in betting and gaming, with over 140 speakers set to share their industry insights.

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