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BestCasinos launches new affiliate site has announced the launch of its new affiliate site with the aim of bringing a new level of independent assistance to consumers searching for their perfect gaming platform.

The site covers all aspects of online casino gaming and impartially helps visitors to choose an operator that suits them based on differentials such as location, needs and expectations. It is also optimised for both mobile and desktop browsers, with an emphasis on simplicity and a clean layout.

Johan Larsson of BestCasinos commented: “BestCasinos was developed with the sole purpose of providing casino gamers with a plethora of useful tools specially designed to help them choose online casinos that best suit their needs.

“Having performed a detailed analysis of the affiliate market, our team at BestCasinos has initially identified and subsequently incorporated a selection of key features that set apart from the competition.”

He continued: “We at BestCasinos hope that casino enthusiasts from around the world will recognise our efforts and that the site will quickly become their go-to guide for key information about each and every aspect of online casinos.

“During the coming year, BestCasinos will be looking to gain a firm footing in the affiliate market and to position itself as an authority players can rely on to guide them through a rapidly developing online industry”.

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