Belgium to cut weekly loss limit to €200

A new draft law has been approved by Belgium’s Council of Ministers that will lower the country’s weekly deposit limit. The previous limit in Belgium was set at €500 (£427) but will now be lowered to €200 (£170).

Previous considerations were made

This recent proposal was brought forward by Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne. After this was brought forward, the draft law was approved by Belgium’s Council of Ministers. The ministers previously discussed keeping the current limits in place which were set at €500 but making this a limit that was set globally.

However, after some debate, the council decided to keep their limit system the same but instead lower the existing limit to suit the current needs. A spokesperson for the Council of Ministers noted that this has been done to “strengthen the protection of the player”.

Additional measures in place

According to the local reports, this draft law will also allow Belgium’s Gaming Commission to request information on whether a player is in fault on their debts. They would gain permission to ask the National Bank of Belgium in order to make a conscious decision.

While this law has been approved by Belgium’s Council of Ministers, it is yet to be approved by the National Data Protection Authority. After this stage has been completed, there will be a vote on it by the Council of State.

In addition to this, there is a second proposal that will add betting shops to the national exclusion register in Belgium. For any operators or affiliates in Belgium, these new measures could mean a lot of change in the way that things are handled. Be sure to pay attention to changing regulations and limit systems in your region.

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