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Belgium looking to introduce €200 iGaming weekly deposit limit

The Belgian government is set to introduce a new deposit limit for online gamblers. Players will now only be limited to only €200 a week per licensed website.

Published in the Belgian Official Gazette is a royal decree and should come into effect from October 20th. Each deposit will be calculated based on the last seven days of activity and move continuously and will be reset to €200 when the decree is in force.

Players can request an increased deposit limit, however, the provider they request it from must notify the Belgian Gaming Commission, which will check with the National Bank of Belgium on whether said player is listed as being in default of payment.

In a statement, the Belgian Gaming Commission said, “In order not to risk becoming a problematic gambler and to keep the game fun, it is recommended not to spend more than 5% of your income for this purpose. If you win €2,000, this means that your deposit limit should not exceed €25 per week.”

However, David Thomas, CEO at has expressed concern for players with a limit inflicted on them. He said, “This is sure to result in gamblers moving their casino and gambling action to international or ‘offshore’ gambling sites. Professional online poker players will be especially hard hit by these measures – with many facing the tough decision whether to move abroad in order to keep earning their living from online gambling.”

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