Awin Access: Why nearly half of marketers plan to invest more in partner marketing in 2023

In a cross-industry collaborative effort, Awin Access asked more than 100 marketers and agencies about their plans for next year to understand their focus and trends for 2023. We have summarised the biggest opportunities for you.

It delivers a consistently strong ROI

ROI was the aspect that advertisers and agencies most valued in affiliate marketing activity, closely followed by sales volume and profitability. Across the network, we have recorded an ROI of 1:12. This displays the profitability of the partnership channel and the strength of diverse partners across the customer journey.

The commercial model keeps you in control

CPA (cost per acquisition) remains one of the most important factors for marketers to invest more time and budget in partner marketing. A whopping 95% of programmes are still run on a CPA basis, which indicates the financial security you get with partner marketing.

Diversification drives performance

There are tonnes of options for you to engage online audiences across the entire purchase journey. Almost half of respondents (47%) felt there were more partnership opportunities in the channel now than compared to a year ago, with editorial content partners and influencers high on the list of types of brands planned to invest more in 2023.

Opportunities for digital agencies and consultants

The past years were fuelled with growth and a lot of new online businesses selling goods and services. Having time to reflect after periods of rapid growth, many of these businesses have realised that expertise in the many different digital marketing channels is needed to continue their next growth phase.

The diversification and high return on investment offered through partner marketing make it appealing to venture in. Solutions such as Awin Access have made it increasingly simple for advertisers and agencies to launch a partner programme and gain access to thousands of partners.

Awin Access is the gateway for small businesses and agency-managed accounts to enjoy great marketing value. It is a solution designed for SMEs that takes the hassle out of launching, managing and growing a vibrant and successful affiliate partnership programme.

Speaking to agencies on a daily basis, we learn a lot from their input and feedback.

“Awin Access supports our clients to grow their business in an organic way where they understand that they only pay on results.”

Awin actively supports agencies with training and market insights to facilitate their growth and client acquisition.

“Sharing market insights on marketing reports helps demonstrate our value to clients by highlighting successes and catching any issues or strategies that could be changed. These insights also keep clients informed, and this type of transparency is critical, considering they outsource their marketing to us.”

Winning in 2023

68% of survey respondents felt that affiliate and partner marketing would be more important to their business in helping them achieve their marketing goals during the cost of living crisis.

To support these efforts, we have consistently lowered the barriers to smoothly onboard advertisers with partner marketing. Awin Access has been designed to help make affiliates extremely simple to manage for agencies and small businesses. The setup is simple through plugins, the low-cost fees are easy to understand and we have de-jargonised our content and instructions to ensure a successful launch.

To further support agencies and consultants in their daily work with clients, we have launched a free guide. We created the guide with the intention to help agencies with all relevant information in one place. Who we are, what they can expect from us and how we can help them and their clients grow.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited for many more exciting, new brands to launch through our agency partners.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the agency team if you want to learn how Awin Access can help you realise your growth goals for 2023.

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