Avento Group signed to GiG Comply

The Gaming Innovation Group Inc (GiG) has signed an agreement with the Avento Group to allow the Malta-based operator to use its compliance tool, GiG Comply.

Compliance is an incredibly important issue for both affiliates and operators alike. When a brand works across multiple countries, it is of paramount importance that they are fully compliant with each of the areas that they work within.

GIG Comply is a tool that has been designed to make compliance checks that bit easier for brands to manage. Its users are able to automate their compliance checks regardless of the jurisdictions they work across. With an emphasis on consistency and usability, it is a tool that makes compliance much easier to handle.

GiG’s Chief Commerical Officer, Ben Clemes, said: “We are very happy to have signed Avento Group to our marketing compliance tool GiG Comply. It is always a proud moment when a client like Avento Group choose our compliance solution to help ensure that they continue to stay at the forefront of responsible gaming.”

Christine Bonaci, the Senior Legal and Compliance officer from Avento MT Limited added: “Being able to ensure brand security, player safety and at the same time abiding the different regulations has never been more important and we are sure that partnering up with GiG Comply will help make our work process easier.”

With many markets around the world tightening their laws and cracking down on unregulated operators, tools like GiG Comply will no doubt prove to be of tremendous value to operators moving forward.

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