Athletic Club Rosario Central announces new business partnership with

Athletic Club Rosario Central has been pleased to announce an official business alliance with online gaming site,, as the club’s official mobile app sponsor.

Through the mobile interface, the club will now be offering its fans and associates a reliable, useful and entertaining app, which is completely cost free. Simultaneously, the new mobile platform will benefit the club due to the generation of new economic opportunities derived from the inclusion of mobile forward advertisement.

The economy of mobile applications has began to grow more than ever on a global scale, according to current data, online games are now responsible for 40 per cent of all downloads. It is also protected that advertising for applications will grow by 65 per cent from 2020, reaching to 64.1 billion US dollars.

The Rosario Central Official App technology provider is European company ECLECTICA Ltd S.A., a developer who currently works with over 40 sports entitles in Latin America with presence in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Columbia. Currently, ELECTICA has begun to play a key role in monetisation via potential gaming sponsors.

 Eclectica’s director, Boris Posilovic said: “Partnerships between powerful brands such as, a leading company in the online gaming arena, together with Argentine football powerhouse Rosario Central, are key ingredients to the growth of the mobile sports market.

“A football club with such a rich history is exactly the type of partner that strong international companies look for. The goal is to establish synergy between the brand and the football club creating instant credibility for the brand in the marketplace.”

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