Association of South African Bookmakers becomes first to back All-in Diversity

South African Bookmakers’ Association (SABA) have declared their supporter the All-in Diversity Project as a strategic partner, with SABA becoming the first industry of its kind to declare its support for diversity, equality and inclusion in the industry.

SABA’s mission on behalf of their new members, who include some of South Africa’s biggest corporate and independent bookies, help offer mutual aid, maintain and promote honourable practices throughout the industry and also support reasonable gambling. The association is voluntary and governed by an executive committee of nine members.

The mission of the All-in Diversity Project is to be the central global resource for all things relating to diversity and equality, where they will be working together to create tools such as knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training initiatives, interactive events and to also support long-term, impactful change across the industry.

The latest partnership with SABA is most important and exciting; in an emerging market such as South Africa, it is imperative that the best policies and practices are put in place as the industry grows.

Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin of SABA, said: “The SABA is not just our first industry association, but also our first African partner. Africa continues to be one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets, and we are very proud to welcome the continent’s pre-eminent industry association to the project. Not only does this underline the project’s international scope, but also the relevance and importance of Diversity and Inclusion to the sector globally.”

CEO of SABA, Sean Coleman, added: “SABA are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with the All-In Diversity Project and spearhead the drive for industry diversity and equality on the African continent. “Our mission statement and the goals and objectives of the All-in Diversity Project align perfectly to provide our members with a platform to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage.”

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